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Our Parish offers so many ways that you can serve God and our community through using your unique talents your time available.  Find a way to get involved that best suits you!

Contact our Parish Office to find out more about each of these Ministries and how to get involved.

Liturgy and Worship

  • Gift Bearers

  • Lector

  • Communion Minister

  • Alter Server (4th grade and up)

  • Adult Altar Server

  • Sacristan

  • Youth Group Member

  • Music/Choir

  • Funerals - Lector/ Communion Minster

Christian Formation

  • Religious Education Teacher or Aide

  • Religious Education Substitute

  • RCIA Team

  • RCIA Sponsor

  • Marriage Prep Couple

  • Youth Group Adult Team

Social Concerns

  • Altar Societies

  • Carmelite Third Order

  • Transportation/Errands for the Elderly

  • Communion to the Homebound

  • Contribute to Monthly Food Collection

  • Bereavement Ministry

  • Interfaith Community of Hope


  • St. Joseph's Men's Society

  • St. Vincent De Paul 

  • St. Joseph's Quilting Group

  • Help Organize Young Adult Group

  • Knights of Columbus

Social Activities

  • Receptions for Confirmation, First Penance & Eucharist, RCIA, etc.,

  • Help Bake Pies and Cakes

  • Work I.C. St. Patrick's Day Event

  • Work S.J. Germanfest

  • Work I.C./S.J. Picnic

  • Funeral Dinners

  • First Sunday Coffee & Donuts

Prayer Ministry

  • Eucharistic Adoration - 1 hr. / week

  • Pray 5 minutes each day for our parishioners

  • Prayer for vocations

  • Pray for the deceased of our community

  • Pray for the youth of our community

  • Prayer for the Prodigals Group

Other Services

  • Altar Angels (Cleaning Duties)

  • Maintenance of Buildings

  • Maintenance of Grounds

  • Parish Office Help (Prepare mailings and bulletins with inserts; 2-3 hours duration

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